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What are the implications of java programming in business and government? Explain with Example’s

Java is programming language which is used as a general purpose programming language. Java has efficient features that it runs fast, are user friendly, interactive, reliable and secure to code. Java was created and is now it is owned by Oracle.

It provides a quick development process and an essential approach that accomplishes the accurate results.

There some technologies that have been found more than two decades ago but are still very efficient as well as essential to use and Java is one of them with an optimistically high level of  interaction with the programmers.

Java is much faster than other interpreted languages, because the codes of java are close to the native code. Java source code or java programs run on all operating systems because it is an independent platform. It is a human readable language.

It consists of words, phases which the machine does not understand, as machine only understands the source code typically known as machine level language. There are so many frameworks other than above described, and one of them is suitable for your project. Java is object oriented language and this factor of java enables it to differentiate itself from other languages.

Applications thatare developed in Java are either for business or government sector, for which it is necessary that these applications should not contain any errors or bugs, and the application should run on real time with a lot of users using it at time so the application works perfectly and efficiently.


These frameworks are used to develop an application that is commonly used in daily life. These applications should consist any of the java framework from the list of frameworks.

Some of them are highlighted and used as business applications and applications for governmental use to facilitate their citizens to save their time, which they spend in the lines and any factor which can cause delay in providing the facilities.

It is a newer framework of java which comes with spring boot, and two of the most popular framework of front-end are Angular and React. We can easily develop applications and micro services by using modern java.

It provides you with two architectural styles; first is monolithic architecture, which consists of frontend and backend in one application. Other is micro service architecture that has an individual frontend and backend.

The development of Enterprise app in today’s modest business environment is practically a problem. And the number of application deployment is critical than the application, which is developed before.

The IT organizations’ rapidly developmentand enhancement of their system can deploy and developed more applications frequently, such as the deployment of one system multiple times in a dayagainstthe organization that can deploy its application only one or times in a month or once in yearby the organization whose development is not as much as the other organization many development and deployment.

If businesses don’t not any software for daily purpose use, then theytake programs to a place of market for their end users.

Implications of Java in Business:

The implication of java is large in the business. According to the end-user or business perspective, Java would play two main functions in the near future.

The most commonly use of java framework in business is the web framework applet. An applet is a web based framework, used for small application and is considered exactly for the website development.

Now, maximum applets applications are small games which are simple.Hibernate is one of the best frameworks if we talk about the best frameworks here. If you need an object-relation mapping device then you should opt for Hibernate.

It deals with a mapping framework for an object-oriented database to relational database, and can also explain the object-relational problems by replacing the direct database with object controlling functions.

Java framework applet is most commonly recognized for creating collaborating and interactive web pages of websites for the end users.

To use framework of java applet applications, the clients (end-users) would have to download the applet via browser that has java enabled, which allows the framework to connect host operating system to execute application.

The role of the browser with java enables it to deliver the real and runtime translator, which knows and tackles Java language code in an efficient manner. The attractiveness of the applet web applications is that it can be executed on different machines or desktops, without depending on the configuration of its operating system’s hardware.

It gives an increased number of chances to the business industry. The objective of applet system is the searching on browser using constantly specification with respect to platforms.

There are many business application developed in java and used in most of the businesses. Still today there are new and advanced developments in the area of business related to the field of computer science.

This can help us to develop applications on an enterprise level, with simple configuration.

There are many types each system developed and used within these businesses, according to the business requirements.

Following are the java applications that are commonly used in the business area:

  • Payroll systems for employees.
  • Sales of the organizations.
  • Inventory control for an organization of inventory.
  • Enterprise level applications of business organizations.
  • System for management purpose.

Implications of Java in Government:

In government sector java has also introduced by doing a lot of research and development of applications, which are used by the government for enhancing the ability of their systems and getting updated records of country in any of the sector of interest.

The applications developed by the programmer should be highly secured and work efficiently, as it is used by the government and data must be consistent without any error.

Applications that are in form, means either in web application or android application or desktop applications are useful for citizen of that country and government can maintain records of their citizens in each field of citizens’ interest and if something goes wrong or someonebreaks law,he can be punished accordingly.

Java Server Faces is a framework of Java developed by Oracle. Oracle also provides JSF a certification so it’s easy to use. It also provides Tools and easy to use libraries that provide an attractive look to your interface.

Java Server Faces uses server pages and provide many different skills of XUL and Facelets. JSF follows MVC software design pattern with an architecture that simply shows difference between the application’s logic and representation.

We can see many applications in a country which are developed in java language for daily life use by their citizens. Applications that use java as development used by the government, are as follows:

  • Ecommerce applications.
  • Launching of FIR using android applications.
  • Launching of complain against any government organization.
  • Software for health purpose.
  • Applications for tax paid by the citizens.
  • Job portal of government.

Government also want their programmers to develop applications that can solve the problem of daily life,for which they encourage the programmers and students of the respected countries to show their interest in these fields by giving ideas to solve the problems with the help of computers or by handover run system so that the government can start usingthem in order to facilitate their citizens.


Whenever you have to use java frameworks, keep research on frameworks, which is better according to the requirement of project. There are so many frameworks other than above described and one of them is suitable for your project. Java is object oriented language, and this factor of java can enable it to be differentiated from other languages.

Java source code or java programs run on all operating systems, which is known as a platform independent. It is a human readable language.

Applications thathas developed in java either for business or government sector it is necessary that these applications should not have any errors or bugs and applications run on real time, with a lot of users use it at time so the application work perfectly and efficiently.

Also the user interface of these applications for government side should be as simple as it is used by the all category citizens with respected educational background.

Whenever you have to use java frameworks keep research on frameworks which is better according to the requirement of project. There are still researching and development in both sectors for enhancing the systems’ functionality.

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