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Difference between Final, Finally and Finalize:

Difference between Final, Finally and Finalize Programming Help

Difference between Final, Finally and Finalize Programming Help


The keyword of Final is used with in the methods, class and variables.

When we declare the keyword Final we cannot provide another value when it has been first time initialized. It can be initialized at two places only.


The keyword of finally is used for the final programming code when the exception handling perform operation it will be executed. It allows you for cleanup type statement.


The Finalize method is used when the object is destroyed and it can be called just prior object creation.Java Access specifier is called Visibility Specifiers which control behavior of two classes, fields and methods in Java.

Specifiers control whether a field or method in a class, can be used other method in another class or sub-class. Access Specifiers can be used to limit access. Access Specifiers are an integral part of OOP.

In OOP there are sever access specifiers following are:

  1. Public.
  2. Private.
  3. Protected.

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