Class Loader Assignment Help

Class Loader Homework Help

Class Loader Homework Help

Class Loader Homework Help

It is a part of JRE that loads all the java classes into JVM. While because of class loader JRT system does not support the files and the file systems.

Class loader also known as JRE and the class loader loads all the classes into the memory dynamically.

In a single class loader all the classes are not loaded it depends on the type of the class and the path of the class. It loads only the particular classes.

When the class loader loaded the class it use “get class loader ()” method. Methods of the Class Loader are loadclass() , defineclass(), findclass(), findloadedclass() and class.forName().

All the classes in program are loaded with their name if any class are not found then it returns the error which is no class found error or class not found exception. There are three types of java class loader, following are

  • Bootstrap Class Loader.
  • Extension Class Loader.
  • System Class Loader.

Java Class Loader Functionality:

  • Delegation Model.
  • Visibility Principal.
  • Uniqueness Property.

Posted on October 29, 2019 in Programming Languages

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