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Which is better programming language C, PHP, Python, Ruby:

There are many programming languages are used today by the developers. These programming languages have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The use of each language is different and based on the programmer’s interest. Some languages have simper user interface means that it is easy to understand and implementations by the programmers.

Some language is highly interacted with systems utilities and execute faster than other languages. Some of languages are used in the development of websites with backend development. At all the languages have their own pros and cons so that each language have more functionality the other.

C Language:

From the given language for comparison the C language is the oldest language in programming world and all the other languages are based or developed from this language.

C language is difficult language in syntax form but fast execution time as compared to other languages. It is close to machine language so that it can execute the program instruction much faster. It was the feature that differentiated itself from Python, PHP and Ruby programming languages.

It is used to write programs which functionality is difficult. The C compiler enhance some feature of assembly language to make it high level language.

It is efficient and effective in coding perspective and development application which main feature is execution of instructions fast. It has a large amount of built-in libraries which have a lot of functions used to developed applications of complex type.

Features of object oriented programming language is not included in c as it was the oldest language. It is a procedural programming language, which consists of functions, variables, conditions to create applications. This language is used in the development of new programming languages as well as different operating systems.

PHP Language:

When we develop web based applications, PHP is highly used by the developers for backend use to communicate the user with front end and backend effectively.

PHP language is known as scripting at server side so the web application is act as dynamic. PHP is a language which is commonly used in dynamic web development which interacted with user.

It is a scripting language which means that it is used to do tasks daily routine. There is no need to compile the PHP as scripting language and it was commonly embedded on software’s.

There are millions of websites and applications exists on the internet that are developed from scripting language PHP.

There are easy integration of PHP with HTML, MySQL, and Server and in form of learning it is easy to learn and understand as compared to different scripting language to control websites dynamically. For web industry it is the language, which is most popular or commonly used. Using PHP in our web applications has many benefits.

PHP consist of mainly three components the web server, database, parser of PHP language. The object oriented functionality is involved in PHP so the programmer can use its object oriented functionality in their scripting to enhance the code compatibility.

Python Language:

Python is a high level programming language used for general purpose applications. The purpose of the development of this programming language is decrease the complexity of understanding the code and usability of complex functionality. Python is a user friendly language means that its structure is simple and near to native language.

Python highly used in machine learning and development of artificial intelligence applications. Python predefined libraries have a lot of functionalities which can do much complex functionality in just a few lines of code. The reason of high attraction of this language by the developers or programmer is that it is an open source programming language.

Python is a language which is used in development of IoT applications, Automate the daily routine task. It has more flexibility at run time.

Python is also used in development of web applications as backend development. Python is a language which can replace the PHP language. To develop large and complex applications, its code converted into byte code.

Debugging in python language is much easier and testing can perform fast due to it is not compiling its interpreter language. Python is an open source programming language.

Online programs remain a pronounced way to learn the python language with the greater impact of feedback. These online courses  provide knowledge from beginning to advanced level that can make your programming better in an effective way.

Ruby Language:

Ruby is a very powerful language it is a scripting language which is available in open source it is introduced by Yukihiro Matsumoto in 1995. It is a scripting object oriented language.

Ruby becomes popular when its framework Ruby on Rails arrived. Which is mostly used for web programming. It’s a very supple programming language that supports object oriented platform more seriously it even have methods of various data types like integers, string which makes it more elastic.

It also supports mixin basically a mixin is a structure of a set of code that provides classes and additional structures without using the inheritance.

Ruby also provides visual appearance dynamic and duck typing. It also provides exception handling so that the developer does not need to do a job to free a memory through code. Which makes ruby a portable language. It also provides the feature of Statement delimiters.

But there is a major drawback of ruby that it is very case sensitive language. It also provides Keyword arguments, Variable constants, Naming conventions, and Method names. . The syntax of language Perl is similar with Ruby but ruby has object oriented feature with it


The industry of the software has changed day by day which means new updates arrived before the others are existing with new functionality, using programming paradigms, easily understandable to humans and highly collaborated with machine to perform tasks fast and efficiently.

Among this era of changing technology we cannot properly identify which language is on top and what was the purpose behind it, which take it to the top.

From the above mentioned programming languages there are many other languages which are not discussed. These language has own functionality and advantage in the development of applications related desktop, web applications and application used in android development.

All of these languages have their own pros and cons which differentiate languages with each other. So identify the best language according to your problem and perform task using that language. Best example is you cannot developed applications of web based using C and never write or make operating system using PHP.

C language is close to machine language so that when we required to developed applications which is efficient in time and execute the instructions.

If we need to develop application for web development of dynamic application we used Python and PHP language to develop these applications. While ruby is used to develop web applications, web server and system utilities.

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